Welcome to Three Rivers Vape – We Hope to Make the World a Safer Place

Welcome to Three Rivers Vape where we believe that all smokers would be better off vaping, and there are some really cool vape pens and mods as well!

If you take a look around you might not think there is much here, but believe me our Vaping experts are putting together some dynamite information, and will be putting out some great content with even some discounts on your favorite vaping products soon.

One thing that always gets me is that people argue that Vaping is just as dangerous as cigarettes are completely wrong in virtually every study on planet earth from a real scientist ever.  Now not much besides air and water are truly safe, but vaping is SOOOO much safer than cigarettes it’s crazy that this is like still a thing.

Here is a little video comparing vaping to cigarettes:

Two things – One even the guy that says it’s about the same is off his rocker.  His own data shows it’s less, and he readily admits that it is much easier on the lungs.

What do you think about vaping?